Be yourself and seek your own path.
Know yourself before you attempt to know children.
Become aware of what you yourself are capable of
Before you attempt to outline the rights and responsibilities of children.
First and foremost you must realize that you too are a child,
Whom you must first get to know, to bring up and to educate.

If a child trusts you with his secret, be grateful
For his confidence is the highest prize.
Do not extort it for the child has a right to his secret.
Do not plead or threaten, as each is equally bad.
It will not bring the child closer to you,
But rather move him away.

The child is not foolish
There are no more fools among children than adults

Is the earth grateful to the sun for shining on it?
Is the tree grateful to the seed that it grew out of?
Does the nightingale sing to his mother thanking her for keeping him warm with her breast feathers?
Do you make a gift to the child of everything which you have received from your parents
Or do you only lend it to him in order to take it back again, writing everything down carefully and calculating the amount of interest due?
Is love a favour for which you demand remuneration?

The child’s thinking is neither more limited nor inferior to that of an adult.
It is different.
The child thinks with feelings and not with the intellect.
That is why communication is so complicated.
And speaking with children is a difficult art.

When is the proper time for a child to start walking?
When she does.
When should her teeth start cutting?
When they do.
How many hours should she sleep?
As long as she needs to.

The child must be seen as a foreigner,
Who does not speak our language
And who is ignorant of the laws and customs.
Occasionally she likes to go sightseeing on her own
And when lost will ask for information and advice.
Wanted – a guide to answer questions politely and patiently.
Treat her ignorance with respect.

The child is honest.
When he does not answer, he answers.
For he doesn’t want to lie and he cannot say the truth. To my surprise, I have stumbled on a new thought….
Silence is sometimes the highest expression of honesty.

I have noticed that only fools insist that all human beings should be alike.
The wise are glad that in the world there is day and night, summer and winter, old and young;
That there are butterflies in the garden and birds in the sky;
That the flowers and the eyes of people come in different colours;
That God, who created humans, created them male and female.
Only those who do not like to think are grieved by difference
And irritated by the variety that compels us to think, to see and to understand.

I should like to mention here the mutual love of parents.
It is true a child seldom senses the lack of it when it is not there,
But he does absorb it when it is

Politicians and legislators make rules and decisions about children which often fail to work.
But who asks the child for his opinion or consent?
Who is likely to take note of any advice or approval from such a naïve being?
What can a child possibly have to say!!

How often do we feel disappointment
When children fail to live up to our expectations?
And how often do we feel disappointment at every step of their development?
We are their harsh judges, rather than their counselors and consolers.