The children from the orphanage march through the streets of Warsaw ghetto, with Janusz Korczak leading them… they were all murdered in Treblinka.

"…a miracle occurred. 200 children did not cry out. 200 pure souls, condemned to death, did not weep. Not one of them ran away. None tried to hide.

Like striken swallows they clung to their teacher and mentor, their father and their brother Janusz Korczak, that he night protect and preserve them…

Janusz Korczak was marching, his body bent forward, holding the hand of a child, without a hat, a leather belt round his waist and wearing high boots. A few nurses marched behind him, wearing white aprons. They were followed by two hundred children dressed in clean and meticulously cared for clothes, who were carried to the altar…

On all sides the children were surrounded by the German, Ukranian and this time also Jewish policeman. They whipped and fired shots at them… The very stones of the street wept at the sight of this procession."

(Jehoshua Perle (eye witness),
In Y. Perils "The Last Chapter,"
The Ghetto Years, page 96)

Unfortunately I can give you nothing but these few poor words.

I cannot give you God for you must find Him in quiet contemplation, in your own soul.

I cannot give you a Homeland, for you must find it in your own heart.

I cannot give you love of Man, for there is no love without forgiveness, and forgiving is something everyone must learn to do on his own.

I can give you but one thing only – a longing for a better life; a life of truth and justice: Even though it may may not exist now, it may come tomorrow.

Prehaps this longing will lead you to God, Homeland and Love.

Farewell. Do not forget.